Our philosophy

Education should no longer be mostly imparting of knowledge, but must take a new path, seeking the release of human potentialities

-Maria Montessori-

Our philosophy is based upon the principles devised by Dr. Maria Montessori. Here at The Children’s House we are dedicated to allowing each child to develop his or her own self. We encourage self-motivation and independent learning so that each child will be able to solve problems, define what is important to them, assume responsibilities and continue to learn and grow.

We strive to develop a positive and realistic attitude of respect for ourselves and others and to provide an enriching and nurturing play based learning environment that fosters social, emotional, intellectual, physical and creative growth. In order for us to develop these physical, spiritual and intellectual powers, our children must be given freedom, a freedom that is achieved through order, understanding and self-discipline.

At The Children’s House, our overall aim is to develop a love of learning within the child and a thirst for knowledge that will stay with him or her in the years ahead. We aim to work in partnership with families and the wider society to provide an inclusive learning environment for the community of our house.

The Montessori philosophy is more than just the materials in the classroom, or the teacher giving lessons. It is an attitude toward children, a way of understanding their unique nature and allowing them to grow and develop to their fullest potential.

Some of the “best practices” that we incorporate in our classroom are:

  • multi-aged, heterogeneous groupings
  • the Great Period – 3 hours of uninterrupted work time
  • five days a week enrollment
  • a gradual transition from concrete to abstract concepts
  • an emphasis on Grace and Courtesy lessons
  • making opportunities for concentration a priority