Molly Curtis

Molly Curtis
Lead Montessori Teacher/ Native English teacher

Molly is an experienced, AMS-trained Montessori guide from the USA. Originally from
Montana, she has also lived in many locations throughout the western United States
as well as Italy and New Zealand. She discovered her love of Montessori education
in 2013, and has been working with children ages 3–6 in Montessori environments
ever since. Molly holds a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing, and a Bachelor’s
Degree in English with a minor in Art. As a published poet, she is enthusiastic about
nurturing children’s artistic and expressive impulses, in addition to supporting them in
their social, emotional, and intellectual development. She is especially passionate
about the Montessori values of respect, peace, and equality, and is enthusiastic
about helping children grow into independent and responsible life-long learners. In
her spare time she enjoys yoga and hiking, as well as painting, knitting, and reading.