Visit & observe

Parent’s Visit

We believe that before prospective parents make a commitment to our school, they should understand not only the Montessori philosophy, but what it will be like for their child to attend our school. This being said, you are welcome to take a tour of our school and observe the classroom as a part of the application process.

We would like your observation in our school to be as informative as possible. Here are some things to look for:

The children

  • Do the children seem happy?
  • Are they free to choose their own work?
  • Are they working with the materials and engaged in learning?
  • Are they concentrating?
  • Are they uninterrupted in their work?
  • How do the children interact with each other?
  • How do the children interact with the adults?
  • How do the children interact with the environment?

The environment

  • Is the classroom clean and orderly?
  • Are the furnishings child-sized and appropriate?
  • Are the materials easily available to the children?

The staff

  • Are the teachers pleasant, responsive, and encouraging to the children?
  • Are the teachers listening to the children, and treating them with respect?
  • Are the teachers spending most of their time giving lessons to individuals or small groups of children, or observing the children?
  • Do the teachers appear to love working with children?

Other factors

  • Is an extended period of time available for the children to work in the classroom?
  • Is time set aside for group activities and outdoor play?
  • Does the classroom seem like a place where your child would be happy?

Child’s Visit

We also support the idea of meeting your child and having him work in the classroom before a final decision about enrollment is made. This will give your child a chance to experience working in the classroom with the teacher and other children.

Next Steps

After the visit, if you think Montessori Children’s House is the right place for your child, we will give you a contract and an enrollment packet, and discuss a start date with you. Upong returning the contract, signed by both parents, and other required paperwork, your child will be ready to start on the agreed date.