Lenka Malafová

Lenka KřivánkováOffice administrator/ Assistant teacher

Lenka was born in a small town Žlutice. At age of 12 she lived seven months in Kirkland Lake, Canada. She has spent two years as an au-pair, one year in Holland, the other – in Germany. She has a 4 year old daughter, Barbora, who is the best educator for her. ”Bára brings me back to a time, where we are much closer to truth and inner knowledge.” During the maternity leave Lenka studied and graduated from the Pedagogical school. She had experience teaching in a traditional kindergarten as well as leading afternoon enrichments (art classes) in several other preschools. Montessori pedagogy seems very natural to her. Lenka shares Dr. Montessori’s dream of a world, in which all children grow up within respectful relationships that help maintain their curiosity and discovery best for life, and where they gain the skills to express themselves and follow their unique paths.